Welcome to the Story Manufactory!

Our passion is Story Telling. We are dedicated to bring high quality narratives to audiences world wide.

As a service partner we manufacture custom-made stories and narrative concepts, such as movies, TV series, games, advertisement, web content, cross media narratives, educational material, etc., and provide related services for producers of audio-visual media, film makers, and agencies. When applicable we back up our work with market analysis and scientific research. And we help artists find their voice that speaks to the audience.

The consolidation of the European film market is a particular field of interest for us. We want to push the development of narratives that reflect a “European Identity” and are intended to be produced in an international European context. We strive to set up office in every European country, to establish a centre of gravity within the European creative media industry for all things story.

In this spirit and that of our philosophy we are also producers -or manufacturers- of screen narratives, and we are happy to find the right producers for them. Check out our PORTFOLIO to see if any of our ideas catch on.

Story Manufactory’s Philosophy

Stories, tales and legends are a universal social phenomenon, which can be traced back to the origins of human records.

Humans are hard wired for making sense of their reality. And stories facilitate sense.

This leads us to conclude that Story Telling will never go out of business.

Stories nurture our consciousness and imagination.

In stories any experience is possible.

Through stories we can learn and grow.

From stories we get inspired to action.

Out of this understanding we consider Story Telling to be a social technology.

Like any technology it can be used for human liberation and malicious agendas. We are aware of the responsibility and outspoken. We do not shy away from interpreting and educating about the truth, nor from creating compelling fiction for entertainment purposes.

As professional story-tellers we recognize two things crucial to harnessing this social technology.

The foremost important to us is audience appreciation, and being mindful of audience preferences. Presuming a paying audience should not feel like they had been sold the wrong story, we draw from target audience’s social codes, symbols, memes, and cultural patterns the audience is familiar with. Success with audiences persists as our prime directive.

Another key to success in story telling we determined is appreciation of media technology (and cross-media compounds) through which stories are consumed. Be it fingerpaint on a rock, live actors on a stage, or 3D animation on a mobile device, considering the facilitating framework’s “rules” enables us to unlock the full potential of this social technology.

But story telling is not only a technology. It is also an art form. We appreciate the technology behind story telling, but as consumers of stories we also want to be enchanted. We believe audience resonance is most powerfully created when the craft and technology holster an enchanting spark, that stretch of reality, the pizazz, the wow factor, or -as we ultimately see it: A breach into the mind.

If the medium is the message, then story is the medium of truth – and of truth’s absence at the same time.